Bao Thanh – Number 1 Trusted Cough Drop

(Research outcomes by Purchase & Consume Consulting Magazine, Vietnam Economy Newspaper)

Known as a pioneering product with the Lozenge drop technology, Bao Thanh continues to be voted by consumers as the number 1 trusted cough drop product in 2016.

From February – October 2016, Purchase & Consume Consulting Magazine of Vietnam Economy Newspaper has conducted a survey questionnaire studying the opinions of Vietnamese consumers towards Bao Thanh cough drop: More than 500,000 survey yields positive feedback, makes up 99.3% of the total number of surveys. Some other statistics: 98.9% consumers choose the product because it is manufactured by a reputable domestic pharmaceutical company; 97% satisfied with product packaging; 98.5% will continue using the product.


(Representatives of Hoa Linh Pharmaceutical company at the ceremony honoring)

Consumers know about the product via different sources: pharmacy’s consultation, friends and family’s recommendations, manufacturer’s website, healthcare magazines…Specially, positive experience after using the product is the biggest reason why consumers trust and continue to use the product.

Bao Thanh drop is researched thoroughly by Hoa Linh Pharma, used to fight against cough, clear mucus. The product also pioneers in the application of Lozenge drop technology with advantages of using less excipients, high amount of pharmaceutical substances in each drop, suitable with formulas using different pharmaceutical substances, easily dissoved drop allows quick absorption.

Different from supplements, Bao Thanh is a medicine which is manufactured with highest quality standard, evaluated and certified by Ministry of Health. The manufacturing process is strictly monitored, from raw ingredients to end product, to create the best products for consumers. The manufactory where Bao Thanh (cough drop and syrup) is produced, meets all of WHO’s good practices (GMP, GLP, GSP – WHO), ensuring consistent quality in all series.

In 2014, Bao Thanh was given Vietnamese Medicine Star Award by Ministry of Health, to praise good quality, domestic medicine.

The event of recognition of Bao Thanh, the number 1 trusted brand in the product line of cough medicine, along with mo



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