Hoa Linh Pharma Co., Ltd is established in 2001, focusing on manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical products. Since its opening, Hoa Linh has been continuously investing in infrastructure and workforce to provide quality products to meet the healthcare demand of the Vietnamese people. Hoa Linh Pharma Co., Ltd has two manufactories that meet WHO’s standard of good agricultural practices (WHO-GMP, GLP, GSP) at Phung industrial zone, Dan Phuong, Hanoi and Dong Van industrial zone, Ha Nam with over 800 workers. Hoa Linh Pharma has manufactured and distributed some products which proudly gain customers’ trust and choice over the years (Da Huong, Bao Thanh…), contributing to the development of domestic pharmaceutical products. anh-ve-chung-toi-2



Our vision is to become one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam in

  • Providing high quality products, good services at affordable prices
  • Focusing on developing our own pharmaceutical products, and becoming industry leader of those products
  • Improving and expanding our distribution to nationwide
  • Creating a professional working environment, and workforce training with skilled, enthusiastic, responsible employees.ve-chung-toi-3


We are striving each and everyday to create a safe pharma environment to meet the healthcare demand of our customers with high quality products at affordable price, from carefully chosen ingredients, and with a strict and modern manufacturing procedure. This contributes to building prosperity of the domestic pharma industry and societal trust.


Products of Hoa Linh Pharma are produced on standards of the World Health Organization (WHO – GMP, GLP, GSP), with scientific, technological innovations, and with product quality being well controlled. We understand that the sustainable growth of the company originates from the quality of the products we manufacture. The ability to listen and understand our customers has always been compassing us in our journey of creating the best pharmaceutical products to improve the well-being of the Vietnamese people. Responsibility comes from our promise of building a comprehensive healthcare environment by providing pharmaceutical products with superior effectiveness and satefy.

Hoa Linh Pharma Co., Ltd is established in 2001, focusing on manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical products. Hoa Linh sees that as a positive contribution to the country’s pharmaceutical industry with the goals of improving the quality and reputation of domestic pharma products, and satisfying healthcare demand of the Vietnamese people.



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